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During a particularly long game jam night, you fall into a strange and trippy dream

The deadline is closing in, time's too short to complete your killer idea - even worse, your team’s evil Game Designer Delamane has added more tasks to the team’s board than you could reasonably complete in an entire week!

You really gotta figure out the balance between work, breaks, food & sleep for next time, somehow, those weird dreams are getting old...

Présentation commerciale du jeu :
In our non-interactive/non-violent/non-playable (?) game, you just walk and chat with our high tech chatbot Del (who is definitely not inspired by our real-life blue-eyebrowed GD we mentioned up above)

-- Insert picture of DEL

In this immersive realm, you can take great decisions, which will affect your entire world (‘cause what you read will affect you) - you’ll also encounter mystical flying objects and critters (maybe)

--  Insert first frame of the Game

I hope you enjoy our game, don’t hesitate to comment and rate it on Ldjam.com

Gregory Colletto - Producer
Léo BG - Programmer
Yann Roirand - Game Designer
Jason Huvet - 2D Artist
Delphine Gueniffey - 3D Artist
Aurélien Montero - Sound Designer

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